The Download Page of Jeewiz Community Edition

Note: No older versions of JeeWizCE are available from this site. For a commercial release, please contact us at


Basic installation requires unzipping the downloaded file and configuring some environmental variables.

It's also necessary to have java jdk available, 1.5 or higher.

Some of the more advanced examples require a java application server and an SQL database to run. The examples are configured to use jboss release 3.2.2 and MySQL4.1, but they can easily be configured for later releases. Jboss and MySQL Community Server can be (freely) downloaded by following the links.

Configure the following environment variables:

JAVA_HOME - top level of the jdk, eg C:\jdk1.5.0_09 or C:\jdk1/6/0_06
JWHOME - top level of of where jeewiz was unzipped eg. C:\jeewiz
ANT_HOME - comes inside jeewiz, so use %JWHOME%\external\ant1.7.0

Then put %ANT_HOME%\bin & %JAVA_HOME%\bin in your path.