About New Technology / enterprise

JeeWiz is published by NT/e - enterprise consultants and mentors for enterprise systems since 1996. Over 250 man years combined experience enables us to offer practical assistance to business and technical leaders in the UK and the rest of the world.

Our experience encompasses the complete range of platforms - mainframes, UNIX, J2EE and Microsoft platforms. We have been engaged by application server vendors to design, implement and mentor on extensive enterprise systems, including integration with a legacy systems.

We are experienced in meeting the the exacting requirements of mission critical systems, such as those used in banking and finance.

NT/e and The JeeWiz Community Edition

JeeWiz has been used commercially since 2001, and reached its fifth major release earlier this year (2008).

We have decided that the JeeWiz generator engine should be made available to the Open Source community as we believe that high quality transforms are best written by people with a high level of domain specific knowledge. As time goes by we hope that an increasing number of domain specific transforms will be made available to the community to pull down off the shelf and customise. We expect that if it is adopted as widely as we hope, people will find uses for a flexible transformation engine that we couldn't imagine.

It will take time to develop standards to allow interoperability between the various transforms and this is best achieved through consensus rather than dictat. NT/e are committed to making updates of the engine available for the foreseeable future.

The JeeWiz Community Edition is available on the Eclipse open source public licence. NT /e will continue to develop commercial releases of JeeWiz with sophisticated transforms, and it is hoped that some of these will also be released on the public licence.


NT/e provide training and consultancy services for companies and individuals who would like to use either the community or commercial release of JeeWiz.

Contact Us

While this website is still under construction and the Community forums are not implemented feel free to contact us on enquire@jeewiz.org. If you have problems installing or using JeeWizCE or even if you just want to tell us about how you are using it, let us know.